We and our environmental approach

The main goals of Granplasta, JSC are as follows: responsible attitude towards a client and employee, quality and reliability of a product and environmental protection, occupational safety and social responsibility. 

We are constantly improving our production quality and try to reduce the environmental impact of our activities by upgrading and modernizing our equipment and implementing the most advanced technologies.

Our initiatives

We use advanced technical solutions that help to avoid environmental pollution.
We consume electric power and other resources more economically.
We choose higher quality raw materials that are less hazardous to environment.
We accurately plan the use of our company’s vehicles and carry out their technical maintenance in order to reduce fuel consumption.
In our technological production processes we use bio-additives thanks to which plastic products decompose within 2-4 months.
We actively support the social project “Darom” (Eng. Let’s do it) and participate in public activities.
The heat produced during the production process is used to heat the company’s premises.
The company uses solar power for its production processes.

Protection and preservation of environment

In its activities Granplasta, JSC seeks to contribute to protection and preservation of environment. Our goal is to use such raw materials that would cause the lowest possible emissions and smallest amounts of waste during production, use or utilization of our products. Special components – bio additives – are added during the production processes. The use of these components reduces the utilization period of polyethylene from 150-200 years to 2-5 years.

Additives to regulate the decomposition of plastic

Reverte is an additive which stimulates decomposition of plastic bags but also allows setting of the beginning of this process. New technologies ensure that a manufactured plastic bag does not lose any of the characteristics typical to plastic even when exposed to heat, UV rays or mechanical pressure and that its decomposition does not start before it has been used. This is very important to sellers as they can safely store and use bags for a required period of time.

Can be recycled

Renatura is an ecological, odour-free additive. Its main ingredient is iron, so it can be used in products intended for a contact with food. Bags that contain this additive completely decompose within 2-4 months. Contrary to similar starch-based bags, our bags can be recycled.