Polyethylene films are thin, flexible sheets made from polyethylene, a type of plastic. They are commonly used in various packaging and protection solutions. These films can be transparent or opaque and are characterized by high resistance to moisture, heat, and chemicals. They are often used in agriculture, various product storage applications, as well as in the food industry to maintain product freshness.


Production of 100% recyclable polyethylene packaging!
-production of packaging from recycled materials.
- the bags are suitable for contact with food.
- reusable bags.
-we can make bags from 100% recycled materials, something that manufacturers of non-woven bags cannot boast of.


Recycled polyethylene bags designed for non-food industries are plastic bags made from recycled polyethylene materials. They are utilized for packaging and storage purposes in various non-food sectors such as retail, manufacturing, and logistics. These bags offer an eco-friendly alternative by using recycled materials, contributing to sustainability efforts and reducing environmental impact. They are versatile, durable, and widely adopted due to their cost-effectiveness and ability to meet diverse packaging needs beyond the realm of food products.


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