Plastic buckets / containers

UAB "Granplasta" sells jars, buckets, with handles and lids of various sizes, from 80ml to 2000ml.

Suitable for contact with food.
Suitable for hot filling.
Suitable for freezing.
*770ml. available with yellow lids!

Made in Lithuania, food contact, recyclable!

280ml (without handle) -0,135eur/pcs. per box 517pcs.

300ml (without handle) -0,135eur/pcs. per box 374pcs.

365ml (without handle) -0,136 euro/pcs. per box 415pcs.

500ml (without handle) - 0,17 eur/pcs. per box 222 pcs. 

*500ml (rectangular novelty) -0,168eur/pcs  per box 206pcs.

520ml (without handle) - 0,15 eur/pcs.  per box 380pcs.

550 ml (without handle) -0,160 eur/pcs. per box 330 pcs.

565ml (without handle) -0,145eur/pcs. per box 290pcs.

600ml (with handle) 0,165eur/pcs. per box 275pcs.

750 ml (without handle rectangular) -0,25 eur/pcs. per box 200 pcs.

770 ml (with handle) -0,18 eur/pcs. per box 240pcs.  For purchases of more than 10 boxes the price is 0,17eur. *** Available with yellow lids.

870 ml (with handle) *for ventilation 0,24 eur/pc. per box 230pcs.

1000 ml (with handle) -0,19 eur/pcs. per box 192pcs.

*1000ml (rectangular novelty) -0,206eur/pcs. per box 192pcs.

1180 ml (with handle) -0,20 euro/pcs. per box 170pcs.

2000 ml (with handle) -0,40 eur/pc per  box 84pcs.